Adgitize Press

The Pills

By: Ken Brown
Published: 5/21/2018


The pills called to Cheryl as she stared at the medicine bottle on the table. Would tonight bring the relief she craved?

Her husband, Bill, was out late again at work. A lie he maintained even though she knew he spent time with a female lawyer from the office downstairs.

Cheryl was tired of the lies, the promises to be home on time, the apologies and the heartache. The kids were grown and long gone from the home she had built. Bill convinced her they should move to New York for his career. She never liked the big city, she was a small town person, comfortable with a tight group of three friends. New York overwhelmed her and she hadn't found close friends in this uncaring metropolis.

She imagined what Bill's first words would be when he found her lifeless body, "Finally, the witch is dead."

Cheryl never understood why he didn't ask for a divorce. Walking to the kitchen she poured a glass of scotch from the open bottle on the kitchen counter. The pills came from a friend who didn't need the entire prescription after dental work. Web research convinced Cheryl the quantity of pills would suffice. The friend believed she would use the pills for back spasms after a strenuous Pilates class.

She stumbled back to the bedroom. What clothes do you wear to end a tragic life? She started with Yoga clothes; but decided instead to wear black formal wear and pearls. That way Bill would know what to bury her in.

The phone rang. Should she answer it? No, let it go to voice mail. It rang a second time. Curious Cheryl checked the caller ID. Her son. No, she couldn't talk to him now. The third ring. He did say he was going to call with news.

The fourth ring. She should answer. No, her mind was made up. The time was now, no more going through life un-loved. It rang a fifth time, the next ring should go to voice mail.

She grabbed the phone and slurred, "Hello?"

"Mom, I have great news, Tammy and I are having a baby."