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Zita's Revenge Released

By: Kenneth Brown
Published: 1/16/2021

The eBook for Zita's Revenge is Available

After many months of writing, editing, beta readers' reviews and re-writing, I'm happy to announce that Zita's Revenge. is available at all your favorite book stores. I started writing Zita's Revenge in 2019 and finished my first draft of it in the spring of 2020. Most people don't realize how much work goes into writing a novel.

Zita's Revenge.

Zita's Revenge

In my case, it takes months to write a novel. Well, the writing part goes pretty fast. A writer that is writing two-thousand words a day, it still requires fifty days of writing to finish a one-hundred thousand word novel. Zita's Revenge comes in at one-hundred and fourteen thousand words. I'll let you do the math. Writing is the easy part. After the book is written then all the editing and proofing takes time.

How much time does editing take? For me, I always estimate it takes three times longer than it took to write the first draft. So, do you wonder why it takes your favorite author so long to publish their NEXT novel? It's all about editing. There are many writers that can crank out a novel much faster than me. I point to James Patterson and Nora Roberts who put out a new novel every couple of months. But for the rest of us, if we can publish three novels a year, then we're happy.

I hope you enjoy Zita's Revenge. It has some nice twists to it that I think you will enjoy. My editor enjoyed it, which is always a good sign. Click the link to get your copy of Zita's Revenge. at your favorite book seller. If you would be so kind as to review the book on your favorite platform or at your favorite bookseller's website, that goes a long way to helping authors sell more books.

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Cheers. Kenneth Brown, Author