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Three Teens, A Planetary Portal, Magic, A Powerful Magic Staff, An Eclipse of Three Moons and A Volcano Sacrifice.

High school junior, Erik Anderson, and three friends, Lily, Al and Sherry, go through a planetary portal on Earth to a planet with three moons. Lily is kidnapped to be sacrificed to the volcano god, Velidred, by Kestrel, the Falcon Prince. Al learns he has magical abilities and finds a powerful magic staff. Sherry glows a weird blue color. Many people want to see Erik dead. Can the teens rescue Lily before the triple eclipse of the moons? What secrets are dark-haired, green-eyed, Zita, hiding from the teens? Exciting, heart-pounding, action-adventure, Sci-fi fantasy story.

Adgitize Press publishes novels, short stories, anthologies and flash fiction.

We are a small press working with self-published authors and writers to help them publish their priceless treasures. We know how much work it takes to write a novel. The many hours on the first draft and then twice that when you make changes, edit, re-work, re-write, get feedback and then years later you're ready to publish.

Within these web pages we will provide guidance, steps and suggestions on improving your writing, editing, marketing and publishing. It's not easy to go it alone, but we hope to help you reach your writing goals.

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