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Three Teens, A Planetary Portal, Magic, A Powerful Magic Staff, An Eclipse of Three Moons and A Volcano Sacrifice.

High school junior, Erik Anderson, and three friends, Lily, Al and Sherry, go through a planetary portal on Earth to a planet with three moons. Lily is kidnapped to be sacrificed to the volcano god, Velidred, by Kestrel, the Falcon Prince. Al learns he has magical abilities and finds a powerful magic staff. Sherry glows a weird blue color. Many people want to see Erik dead. Can the teens rescue Lily before the triple eclipse of the moons? What secrets are dark-haired, green-eyed, Zita, hiding from the teens? Exciting, heart-pounding, action-adventure, Sci-fi fantasy story.

Why I Wrote Eclipse of the Triple Moons

By: Ken Brown
Published: 4/1/2018

Book One of the Mountain King Series

Over the years I have written short stories for my own enjoyment and started a couple of books, but never had the fortitude to finish the books. I found myself distracted by work, family and other business ideas that I thought were more important than writing.

But one day an idea came to me about a boy who wants to rescue a girl and finds that going through a cave he is transported to another planet. A planet where magic is real and the dangers of wild animals, strange people and bizarre customs are just as real.

A tunnel in the mountains of Glacier National Park

The book was inspired by a photograph I found on the Glacier National Park's website. A simple photograph of the photographer standing in a tunnel in winter in Glacier National Park, Montana. The image showed icicles hanging from the tunnel exit with large boulders hugging the wall behind. Looking at the boulders and rocks, I saw images of people and horses and a story developed of a boy searching out the Mountain King.

A dream turned this fanciful world into a book and it led three years later to my first published novel, Eclipse of the Triple Moons

Eclipse of the Triple Moons - A Sci-Fi Fantasy Action Adventure Novel by Kenneth Brown