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Haskell - Orphan to King

By: Kenneth Brown
eBook Release Date : 1/15/2021

Prequel to the Mountain King Series

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Haskell - Orphan to King - A Young Adult, Fantasy, Action-Adventure Novel by Kenneth Brown. Prequel to the Mountain King Series

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Haskell is orphaned at a young age. He finds himself on the streets as a petty thief, but dreams of becoming a king. Haskell is captured by Gadiel's thugs and must learn to work with them or die. He finds out a secret. He has the ability for magic, but Gadiel wants to control him.

Haskell notices Princess Noreen at the Goodwin Castle and vows to win her affection. He must become more than a common thief to attract the young princess. He must become a lord.

Spiritualist and fortune-teller, Forest River Blossom, reads Haskell's financial fortune. He did it for a lark, but she reveals a future he never expected.

Exciting, heart-pounding, young adult, action-adventure, fantasy book.


Haskell is captured by the thugs that work for businessman Gadiel. He becomes a common thief, but desires more.

From the moment he meets Princess Noreen, he thinks of ways to win her affection. How can a village thief ever hope to be in the company of a princess. Princess Noreen is missing and Haskell vows to find out where she is and return her to her father the King.

If you like great adventures, fast paced action, a little magic, an adventurous hero, the emotional draw of man and woman, and plot twists that will keep you reading late into the night, then you'll love Haskell - Orphan to King.

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