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Book Three Cover Reveal

By: Kenneth Brown
Published: 6/5/2022

Partial Book Cover Reveal for Book three in the Mountain King Series

The last two weeks have been exciting. I'm making substantial progress in editing book 3 in the Mountain King series. Only a few chapters left to go and then off to the editor. It might be at the editors for a couple of months, depending on what other books they are working on for other authors. Then I make any recommended changes to the book, followed by a quick trip to a proofreader and beta readers, and then we publish. It's looking very positive to be published in 2022. Yay.

Because of my excitement, I thought you might enjoy a "partial" view of the cover for book 3. If you are a member of my reader group (you asked to receive my newsletters Sign up for Newsletter Here) then you've seen this partial cover. This is the first time I posted it to my website. It's a cover I'm especially proud of. It took me several iterations to find the right mix of images and image sizes. Then the hard work of making the font and title work on the page.

This is my first partial reveal of the cover. Not much to see at the moment, but I will continue to send you other partial cover reveals until I'm ready to place the book in pre-order.

Here's a partial picture of the Book Cover for Book Three in the Mountain King Series.

I will slow release it to my website in the coming months. Once the book is a month or two from release then I will reveal the whole cover.

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