Adgitize Press

Zita's Revenge

By: Kenneth Brown
eBook Release Date : 1/1/2021
Hardcover Release Date : 2/28/2021

Book Two in the Mountain King Series

I finished writing the first draft of Zita's Revenge late March 2020. I've gone through a number of iterations of the cover, but finally decided on this image. I had one that was a strong contender, but I thought it leaned toward being more appropriate to horror genre, than adventure fantasy. I like this image, because it contains some strong components of the story, with a treasure, sword, skull and golden crown.

I'm finishing the last round of edits, and will post it for pre-order in December, with a release date of January 1st, 2021. Part of my process is reading the manuscript on my Kindle, which is the device I read fiction on, and it gives me a chance to enjoy the book, and find errors that I don't see when I read it on the computer screen. Here's the image and a little story teaser.

Zita's Revenge - A Young Adult, Fantasy, Action-Adventure Novel by Kenneth Brown. Book two in the Mountain King Series

Zita has vowed revenge on the teens from Earth after they killed her father.

High school junior, Erik Anderson, and his friend Alpherge, are stuck on the planet Aloheno and need to find a golden crown to rescue the stone warriors and escape the planet.

Can the boys from Earth capture the golden crown before Zita exacts revenge on them?

Zita learns new skills from her father's mentor, Gadiel, but will the elder businessman help her or force her to kill the boy she loves?

Exciting, heart-pounding, young adult, action-adventure, fantasy book.


Zita works with Gadiel to plan a way to exact revenge on the boys by luring them into the Pit of Wretchedness.

The boys from Earth journey to the Ice Castle as animal handlers for a delivery caravan. The beasts are massive and the journey is difficult, will the boys survive the journey? Their search for the golden crown may force them to take risks above their knowledge level. The staff again becomes a point of contention for Apherge the Mighty while Erik's feelings for a woman will expose him to unforeseen dangers and jeopardize their adventure for the golden crown.

If you like great adventures, fast paced action, a little magic, shapeshifting creatures, wraiths and other magical creatures, then you'll love Zita's Revenge.