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My Current Projects October 2020

By: Ken Brown
Published: 10/13/2020

Status of Book Two

Twenty-Twenty the year of the Corona Virus. Some people are wallowing in self-pity, others are living day by day, and a few are still working hard to reach their goals.

I've had days where I've wallowed in self-pity and days I'm hoping to make it through the day, but in October, I've worked hard to reach my goals. My current project is to complete book two of the Mountain King Series, Zita's Revenge. I've made great progress on the book. I finished the first draft back in February 2020, and immediately jumped into writing book three of the same series. I didn't want to publish book two without knowing if changes might be necessary on book two foreshadowing events happening in book three.

The company I program for is in the entertainment industry and because of COVID they have cut way back on expenses, including putting me and 75% of the employees on furlough. Ouch. That happened to me on May 1st, 2020 and I figured it was a good time to write book three. Bingo, I finished book three in two months, over 120,000 words.

With book three complete, I started editing book two. I love to write the stories, but seriously, editing is hard, unenjoyable work. Between editing and searching for a new job, as the COVID furlough continues unabated, I've reached the point where the book two, third draft is one week from completion. Does that mean you'll be reading book two in November? No. There's at least one more edit needed. I need beta readers to give me feedback and then I will format the book for the different marketplaces, like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, Smashwords and others. All these little tasks take time and with the holidays approaching, time will be pinched.

I'm hoping to publish in early January. It seems plausible at the moment. So save your Christmas money for a copy of Book 2, Zita's Revenge.

The good news is book three should hit bookshelves by the end of April 2021, followed by book four, already in the creative planning stage. I'm expecting 2021 to be a fun. exciting year for the Mountain King Series.

Check back at this website for a book two cover reveal in the next couple of weeks. The cover has been created and approved and I'm real excited for readers to see it.