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Three Teens, A Planetary Portal, Magic, A Powerful Magic Staff, An Eclipse of Three Moons and A Volcano Sacrifice.

High school junior, Erik Anderson, and three friends, Lily, Al and Sherry, go through a planetary portal on Earth to a planet with three moons. Lily is kidnapped to be sacrificed to the volcano god, Velidred, by Kestrel, the Falcon Prince. Al learns he has magical abilities and finds a powerful magic staff. Sherry glows a weird blue color. Many people want to see Erik dead. Can the teens rescue Lily before the triple eclipse of the moons? What secrets are dark-haired, green-eyed, Zita, hiding from the teens? Exciting, heart-pounding, action-adventure, Sci-fi fantasy story.

Yikes's it's Mid-Summer

By: Kenneth Brown
Published: 7/12/2022

We have a few people descending on our house this weekend.

We have a few people descending on our house this weekend for my wife's annual family reunion. It's an outside picnic, weather permitting, so we've been busy cleaning the patio, prepping the outdoor furniture, and trying to pull the million weeds infesting my yard. We'll have potato salad, fried chicken, baked beans and tons more food. Oh yeah, and I'll be cranking some homemade ice cream. All the things families do for their summer parties. Why do we have fried chicken and not hamburgers, brats and hot dogs? I don't know the answer, so I'll have to use the tired expression, tradition.

We won't have a big crowd at our gathering, not like the same family reunion, different branch we visited in June. We partied with eighty people in June. A grand tradition of over 60 years of reunions. This family makes it a social event. We have a volleyball tournament, yes a tournament, and bags (corn-hole) tournament. These people play to win. There is an award that goes around every year to the family that wins the volleyball tournament and the bags' winner receives cash.

Our party this weekend won't be nearly as much fun. We'll eat, exchange stories, maybe play a little Dominoes and Uno, and just re-connect with everyone after two years of not having the party because of COVID. We're looking forward to seeing family and hoping the rain holds off.

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I hope you are enjoying your summer.

Kenneth Brown Author