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Warm November Weather

By: Kenneth Brown
Published: 11/7/2020

Early Hard Freeze followed by a Warm November

This time of year you can't predict what the weather will be in the Chicago area. A couple of weeks ago we had overnight freezing and this week we're experiencing unusual warm weather. I thought you might enjoy this contrast in weather through photos.

My backyard birdbath is frozen over in late October.

Bird bath is frozen overnight.

Imagine my surprize when I looked out my kitchen window and saw my birdbath frozen in late October.

I had to check it out and take a picture. The sun reflected off the ice and a leaf fell into the bowl before the water froze. When I reached the birdbath I tapped on the ice, expecting it to crack easily. Many times I've seen instances where ice is thin and a quick tap will cause it to crack. This freeze was a hard freeze and the ice didn't crack when I tapped it.

The day warmed and by noon the robins returned to the water taking their baths as they migrated South.

Last year we received two inches of snow on Halloween, so cold weather this time of year isn't unusual.

Two weeks later, enjoying lunch outside on a November seventy-degree day.

Warm Weather in November

Two weeks after the water froze in the birdbath, the weather turned warm and we encountered a string of seventy-degree days. Covid cases jumped in the state and all the restaurants are barred from indoor dining. We've only been inside one restaurant since March 2020 and that was when a brother was in town for a funeral. But we needed comfort food from a Friday Fish Fry and the weather was nice enough to eat outside. We've eaten outside a couple of times and have ordered food from restaurant takeout.

We ate at Rosie O'Hares in East Dundee which sits next to the Fox River. It turned into a wonderful day, a slight breeze, good food and excellent company. Since the restaurant has a small outdoor area, we had to wait ten minutes to find a table.

I'm still editing Zita's Revenge, reading it through one last time searching for blatant errors so it will be perfect for readers. I'm also reading a book published by a friend, Sue Wells, in my writer's group, the book is titled, Secret Lives. Enjoy the day and good luck as the weather near me turns toward winter.